MCUUF Meetup Group – A call for new members and meetups.

The UUMeetup group is an email list of people who like to share events with a compatible group. If you are going somewhere and would like company, all you need to do is announce the time and place where you would like to meet up with people.

Anyone can initiate a UUMeetup by sending an email announcing the meetup opportunity to the UUMeetup email list. What qualifies as a meetup event? The short answer: anything that is legal! Examples of past events that have been shared are musical and theatrical events, movies, school performances, charitable and political events and, of course, hikes. Sometimes we meet up for dinner before evening events (when it is safe to do so again!). Send your announcement to Steve Castles and he will send it to the email list. If you would like to have your name added to or deleted from the UUMeetup email list, please email Steve C.