“Emissaries of the Imagination: The Art in Times of Environmental & Cultural Upheaval”

We will be visiting with our friends from Eastrose UU Fellowship Sunday, August 14. Please note that the service starts at 10:30 a.m. This service will be online only.

The times of greatest difficulty can also draw forth from us the stories we carry and the gifts we bear for the renewal of ourselves and our communities. Among our greatest resources at such times is imagination, artistry and creativity. What is the unique nature of the medicine we carry and the genius residing within us as individuals? What seeds of vision to we carry for the future? How can we embrace and dance with times of great change rather than feel overwhelmed? Storyteller Will Hornyak considers myths, poems, storytelling and the arts as essential practices for remembering the rich and varied responses that are possible in times of crisis. He share a variety of perspectives from oral traditions that can assist us in realizing that we are not alone, that magic is ever afoot and that we all contain seeds of healing and renewal.