“Seeing White”

Elaine Castles and Marjorie Iburg – “Seeing White” – Over the past several months, twelve members of our congregation have participated in a series of “Seeing White” learning circles facilitated by Jody Feldman of First Unitarian Church in Portland. The purpose of this group was to expose ourselves to our true but often hidden national history, to increase our awareness of the ongoing oppressions in our society, and perhaps most importantly, to provide an opportunity for those of us who are white to confront our internalized and unconscious white privilege. All of us who participated found this experience to be highly impactful—even transformative. Join Elaine Castles and Marjorie Iburg this Sunday as they share some of what they have learned in this process. Perhaps they will even inspire you to join a second session of “Seeing White” to be offered next fall!

Please note that our Annual Congregational Meeting will take place immediately following this service.