Will Hornyak, “Fool’s Gold!”

In Honor of April Fool’s Day, storyteller Will Hornyak shares stories and poems that reveal the wisdom and spiritual value in the character of the fool and the art of foolishness. Will weaves together traditional myths, fairytales and fables to reveal insights for contemporary life … read more.

This month’s theme is “Trust & Regeneration”

    As Martin Buber wrote, human beings are promise making, promise-keeping, promise-breaking, and promise-renewing creatures. We evoke trust, fulfill it, betray it, and then seek to make amends. The making of amends is regeneration. It encourages us to take the risk of trust again, which is always risky business. Still, we are wise to trust the process that renews both promises and trust. However difficult trusting can be, perpetual distrust is a wasteland where Spring never comes and hope never blooms. The traditional emblem displayed in all Transylvanian Unitarian churches features a dove encircled by a serpent. It admonishes us to “be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.” May we trust wisely and well.


    15 Apr

    In-Person Worship – What to Expect

    MCUUF offers in-person worship services the second, third and fourth Sundays of the month. We hope you’ll attend if you are  
    • Up to date for COVID vaccinations, including boosters, if you are eligible
    • Willing to sign-in for possible contact tracing
    • Willing to use hand sanitizer when you arrive
    • Masks are optional, but still highly recommended to protect the most vulnerable among us
      Air purifiers, fans, and open doors help maintain good air flow.  A carbon dioxide [CO2] monitor continuously checks air quality during the service. Online Worship Services are offered the first, second, and fourth Sundays of the month.   There will be monitors or screens that allow you to see people joining the service online. They will be able to see in-person worshippers. We are one congregation gathering in two places !  Online worship is offered every Sunday.   We’re still working on developing nursery and childcare options during in-person services. We hope to have those up and running soon.  Until then your children are most welcome in worship.  We have an adjoining ‘wiggle room’ where you can see and hear the service.  For more information contact the office at [email protected]  or leave us a message at 541.241.6771