MCUUF welcomes everyone, regardless of age, race or ethnicity, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. Wherever you are on your  spiritual path, you are welcome here.

June 2: Annual Flower Communion“Love at the Center,”June 2: Annual Flower Communion

May 26 – “Love at the Center,” with Elaine Castles. At our denomination’s General Assembly this June, delegates will be voting on a major change to the UUA’s foundational documents. After a process that has lasted several years and involved the input of thousands of UU’s, the commission appointed to undertake a review of our bylaws … Continue reading June 2: Annual Flower Communion“Love at the Center,”June 2: Annual Flower Communion

This month’s theme is “Equity & Reimagining the Common Good”

    Equity is often discussed in financial circles relative to investments. Regarding social justice, equity seeks to make opportunities accessible by providing support and resources to those who cannot compete equally because of discrimination, poverty, and other factors beyond their control. While equality focuses on opportunities, it is useless if someone cannot access them. By contrast, equity focuses on outcomes. When competing when disadvantaged, what does a person need to achieve an equitable outcome? Given the chasm between the haves and the have-nots, the idea that they have the same opportunity is a fiction. In many ways, equity makes a “good” a “common good” when that good is distributed to those who otherwise would not possess it. Imagine? Reimagine!


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    In-Person Worship – What to Expect

    MCUUF is currently offering services in a variety of formats. Usually, the first Sunday of the month is virtual only, on Zoom. The second and fourth Sundays are multiplatform, offered both at our meeting space in the Rockford Grange and online. And the third Sunday is in person only at the Grange; no Zoom is available for this service. Any changes to this schedule will be announced well in advance. On these “hybrid” Sundays, screens allow those attending in person and those on Zoom to see and interact with one another. We ask that in-person attendees be up to date on their COViD vaccinations and stay home if they are feeling ill. Our meeting space is well ventilated, we offer plenty of space between seats, and we have hand sanitizer available. Masks are optional but recommended during periods of higher transmission Children are warmly welcomed in the service, and we also have a child care attendant who can entertain the younger set in our adjoining “wiggle room.” For more information contact the office at [email protected]  or leave us a message at 541.241.6771. And we look forward to having you join us on Sunday morning.