“The Sin of Not Thinking”

Rev. Judy Zimmerman, with Dan Ball, celebrant.  In a 1947 sermon of the same name, UU minister and social activist  A. Powell Davies took liberals to task for their thinking habits. What parts of Davies’ sermon still ring true today ? Where do UUs need to … read more.

This Month’s Theme is Reason

    Reason & Repairing the World,
    Reason, along with science, is under assault, a bizarre and tragic occurrence in the 21st century. This comes at a time when the earth is in greater peril than ever before from the devastation of climate change. Human avarice and the quest for power mock virtue, while the repair of the world is urgent and daunting. Pseudo-science, climate denial, alternative facts, fake news, and lies suggest that reason doesn’t matter, yet it does. While reason is not infallible, it is an important guide and tool for repairing the world. This is not a momentary interlude but the work of generations. Reason, critical thinking, science, philosophy, technology, political will, and more are crucial to this endeavor.

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    Why we love MCUUF

    Upon moving to Hood River from eastern Oregon, my wife, Lori and I were seeking a way to meet new people and to become involved in this new community. We attended a Sunday service and immediately felt the welcoming spirit, and friendly faces. We then recognized how the thought provoking talks, and uplifting music on Sunday mornings added to our Continue Reading

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