May 26: “Love at the Center, “

May 26: “Love at the Center, ” with Elaine Castles. At our denomination’s General Assembly this June, delegates will be voting on a major change to the UUA’s foundational documents. After a process that has lasted several years and involved the input of thousands of UU’s, the commission appointed to undertake a review of our bylaws is recommending a new document that, among other things, replaces our familiar Seven Principles with a new set of values, centered on love. At our annual meeting on June 9, we will be invited to take a vote informing our delegates to GA of our congregation’s wishes on this matter. Come on May 26 and learn more about the reasons for these proposed changes and what they will mean (or not mean) for MCUUF. And even though the topic is bylaws, we promise you that it will not be boring! This service will be both in person and online.