The FISH Food Bank, 54 years of serving our community

“The FISH Food Bank, 54 years of serving our community” with Marianne Durkan, President of the FISH Food Bank Board (in person), Dan Ball as celebrant, and music provided by Susan Randolph. We will present an update how FISH has responded to the unprecedented needs of … read more.

What You Are Looking for Is within You

“What You Are Looking for Is within You” with speaker Paul Henry and Marjorie Iburg as celebrant.  The 4th principle of the 7 UU Principles is A free and responsible search for truth and meaning.  Paul Henry steps forward to share his spiritual journey, including Prem Rawat’s … read more.

Teaching to a Captive Audience

“Teaching to a Captive Audience” with Lois Colton (in person), Bonnie Withers, celebrant. What are your perceptions of teaching in a prison? Our long-time MCUUF friend, Lois Colton, who recently retired from a twenty-year career as a prison teacher, has completed her book, Teaching to a Captive … read more.